St. Patrick's Party 2006
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Michael as Leprechaun
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Patsy & Susan

(Is she praying?)
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John & Bob

with Michael contemplating
his next shot
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Edna, Bob, John, Patsy

Susan & Michael
waiting to eat
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Susan & Michael
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Edna & Bob
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Kay & John

(eyes closed as usual)
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John & Patsy

(Save some for Chip)
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The Irish Mafia

Susan, Edna, Kay & Patsy
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Waiting for Kay to figure

out the camera setting
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John, Kay, Patsy, Edna,

Bob, Susan & Michael
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Star of the Evening
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Susan & Michael
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Edna making her

St. Patrick's Day craft
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Edna finishes her

bracelet first
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Susan showing off

her bracelet
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Patsy modeling

her bracelet

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