Laura and I recently made our first visit home.  My family (Brennan) is from Aclare, Co. Sligo and Swinford, Co. Mayo.  Laura has relatives (Casey) in Monasteraden, Co. Sligo.  We flew into Dublin airport on a Sunday afternoon and made our way around the island over the next 8 days.  Please take a look at the pictures and our written accounts of each part of the trip.

Day 1 - Drive to Co. Sligo
Co. Sligo - Monasteraden and Aclare

Day 2 - Co. Mayo - Swinford, Foxford, Knock, Castlebar, Westport

Day 3 - Co. Galway - Connemera, Roundstone, Galway

Day 4 - Co. Clare - The Burren, Cliffs of Moher

Day 5 - Co. Kerry - Dingle Peninsula, O'Connor Pass, Ring of Kerry

Day 6 - Co. Cork - Blarney
Co. Waterford - Waterford

Day 7 - Drive to Co. Dublin
Dublin Co. - Dublin

Day 8 - Dublin Co. - Dublin