Name: John H. Mammoser IV
Vitals: 29.5 in. tall, 17 lb - 0 oz (5/7/08)
Born 07/30/2007
36 in. tall
28 lb

Education: Hopefully Iowa State University
Favorite Sports:
Golf, Baseball
Favorite Team: Chicago White Sox
Playing with trains, vacuuming, Disney

Welcome to my page.  Daddy will be posting pictures of my life on this site until I am able to do so for myself.

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1st Birthday (uploaded 8/16/08)
Walking (uploaded 6/5/08)
Exploring (uploaded 3/25/08)
January Days (uploaded 2/9/08)
First Christmas (uploaded 1/6/08)
Before Christmas (uploaded 12/22/07)
Late Fall (uploaded 11/19/07)
I'm Baptized (uploaded 10/24/07)
Fall Begins (uploaded 10/05/07)
Early September (uploaded 9/15/07)
August Fun (uploaded 8/26/07)
Chillin' at Home (uploaded 8/08/07)
My Birth (uploaded 8/01/07)

Bam Bam - Remember the Flintstones? (uploaded 1/16/08)
Oops (uploaded 3/25/08)




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